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Marjorie's article for the Fall 2015 issue of Pittsburgh Engineer

Marjorie, this was won because of you!!!! —Esteban Azagra, VP, ARCADIS (San Diego, EAMS)

(Client said) Both proposals were really well done. We won it in the interview! Although the (other) team did a good job, they did not have the synergy and energy that the AECOM team had. He mentioned how well the team worked together and that the transitions between speakers were really smooth and well done. (He) is a boots-in-the mud construction guy—but he was impressed with the "performance!" Hats off to Marjorie for whipping our team into shape!! Congratulations again for a great win!!
—Gary Moriarty, VP AECOM PM CM (San Francisco Jail Replacement)

I can't tell you how much I benefitted from that training...You are a new role model for me.
—Olga Rodriguez

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